Monday, August 2, 2010

Hello Kitty cupcakes

Posted by bonz at 5:28 AM
As I type the word 'hello kitty cupcakes' in the google search bar, I didn't expect I could see a thousand images (well... somewhat).  But I have to choose a few hello kitty cupcakes images... and I mean two or three best cupcake images, that I have to share with you.

image & text from:
A vanilla cupcake with chocolate buttercream swirl topped with a fondant Hello Kitty. A present for one of my daughters' class mates. 

 image from:

The colors used really matched the personality of hello kitty... and even look so delicious!

There are a lot of hello kitty cupcakes we can in the web... just seeing this images makes taste buds wants to taste them...

Anyway, I'm just hoping I could make these cute little cuppy-cakes, even just a simple one... ha! I'll definite try making these... so you'd better wait... for how long? Smiley I don't know yet...


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